Hi, my name is Miguel Wahnon Monteiro! Mi, Mike, Mikeziri, for many people.
I am 30 years old and was born in Portugal. The most amazing country to live in, owned by the most terrible people (terrible politicians).


I love science and art. I think we are in an era where both are very much related.
I love computers and design.
I love games.
I love music and playing the guitar.
I love sports and fitness.
I love cinema.
Did I mention I love games?
Back to science and art. As a designer, I love to refine every detail on a product or project I work on. I have the need to think perfect.
Allied to the design process, I love computers and know pretty much how to deal with them. I have a degree in Computer Science from IST and didn't stop there. At the same time I was taking my degree, I learned many things and started my own projects. With that knowledge I know have the ability to work in many areas with the power of having a strong design background and solid computer skills, in terms of programming, developing in general or using many types of software and operating systems.

known languages

Portuguese, English, Music, C, C++, C#, Java, PHP, Javascript, Assembly, Scheme, LISP

software and technologies

Operating Systems
UNIX: Linux (Ubuntu) and MAC OS X, Windows based (any)

Server software
Memcache (cache), Redis (cache), Beanstalk (queue), PostgreSQL (db), MySQL (db), HAProxy (load balancer), Supervisor, Cron, ntupdate,

Cloud Services
AWS: ec2, autoscaling groups, lb, s3, cloud front, route 53, cloud watch, elastic transcoder

Photoshop, Inkscape

PHP Storm, Sublime text, Vim, Microsoft Visual Studio

XNA (C# - gamedev), Laravel (PHP - webdev), Bootstrap (CSS - webdev)